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At CMC we help make access control simple. Our access control systems look professional but are also really easy to use. Our systems are so user friendly; they require minimal training to run and are designed to make life as easy as possible for you. They are so convenient; you will wonder why you ever used anything else before.

Huge bunches of keys are common for some sites, but if the keys get lost imagine how many locks would need replacing to make your site secure again. The cost implications are huge. With access control, each staff member, or visitor, is issued with one token or card to gain access through any door, gate or barrier. They simply present their token at a reader and access is permitted or denied, as appropriate. There is no need to change locks if someone loses their token. This gives you total confidence that your premises stay secure, something that is just not possible with a lock and key system.
The security and safety of your staff and assets is serious business. No one wants to think that staff members are at risk while at work and there is no better way to protect them than with an intelligent, reliable, access control system. Should an incident or a crime take place on your premises, your access control system allows you to isolate certain areas and even track who was in a particular area at the time.
  • Centrally managed system from your desk
  • Email and text alerts for specific events
  • Design your own ID cards
  • Building control & energy savings
  • Link with Fire Alarms
  • Link CCTV or IP Camera Software

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