Managed IT Services

Managing and maintaining an IT infrastructure can be costly and overwhelming. CMC provides managed and technical services strategically aligned with your organizations unique needs. Managed Services offer you the opportunity to maintain network security, increase performance, and minimize capital investment, as well as reduce monthly IT overhead.

CMC customizes each Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure our clients receive the level of technical support they require, without paying for services they don’t need. CMC’s knowledgeable, certified technical engineers provide you with the peace of mind you need to let us worry about your network so you can focus on the future of your business.

On-site IT Support

CMC help desk technicians can be on site in hours or specially staffed at your location to give you the best in IT help found anywhere in Dallas. Why wait days for IT solutions when a CMC technician can be on the case in just minutes depending on location? You'll have plenty of chances to see our masterful IT skills in play as our technicians analyze and solve your internet, broadband and even phone line troubles. The managed IT services Dallas needs are now available at any time of the day you need them.

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Help Desk Support

When you experience serious issues with Intranet networks, phone lines or a broadband connection, simply pick up the phone and call. You'll be amazed at the speed and professionalism of the responses you receive. CMC help desk support is second to none in customer service, effective advice and solutions that really work, bringing your computers and technology back online in just minutes with careful analysis and application of knowledge. With these kind of managed IT services Dallas can now relax without having to worry about a single information technology headache again!

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Inventory Management

Managing your digital inventory can be a challenging task without assistance. That's why CMC stocks a full lineup of inventory management supplies, software and services. Let us handle every aspect of your computer inventories: from asset tagging to offsite backups, CMC brings you the best methods to perform accurate inventory every time. We can use server and desktop imaging to render your inventory perfectly and at high speeds, or perform hardware or software analysis to assess the state of your overall equipment. We also supply offsite backups of all your inventoried items, creating an opportunity for you to "offload" backups and not stress about data loss or inventory errors.

Employ our software and hardware analysis groups to get a better, more accurate reading on your inventory, and perform full inventory management with just the click of a button. No matter what system or GUIs you use, CMC can help you understand every item in your digital storehouse and get you an accurate count on all your items. Finally, our asset tagging is the best available, keeping tabs on your items and inventory no matter where they are in your system. Use CMC for all of your Dallas inventory overview needs!

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive monitoring of the network and servers is critical to network performance and the overall operations of the organization. CMC continually monitors the servers, network and Windows event logs and receives an instant alert for critical situations, such as a server going down or hard drive failure.

CMC alleviates the pain of managing the end-user computing environment of your organization by providing scheduled machine maintenance, service packs, patches, and software updates. Additionally, CMC can distribute new software packages quickly and easily.

Anit-Virus / Spyware

Client networks face a variety of threats day-in and day-out. CMC engineers use specialized tools to identify, analyze and correct problems as quickly as possible. We work with our clients to design an appropriate server-level anti-virus, malware and firewall solution and to determine security zones and policies. We are then able to configure, deploy and manage the entire solution.

Cloud Data Backup

U.S. businesses lose $12 billion dollars a year due to data loss. Hardware failures, natural disasters, and viruses are only a few of the threats that face your company’s valuable data. CMC’s Web Backup Solution covers your mission critical data in the case of an unexpected event. Our restore methods will have your business back on-line quickly, minimizing costly downtime.

If you fear losing critical data that isn’t backed up on a regular basis, you are not alone. 40% of Small and Medium Businesses don’t back up their data at all. If you are in that 40%, CMC Network Solution’s web based backup solution is a must for your organization.

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24x7 Server Monitoring

Where can you get flawless, twenty-four-hour server monitoring and maintenance? At CMC, you can employ a team of server monitors using the best equipment around to monitor and isolate any server trouble at any hour of the day. Use our excellent services to keep an eye on your vital server functions: if and when anything goes wrong, you don't want to be caught off guard, so that's why it's important to observe your server connections and status every hour of the day. Don't let any problems or server downtime slip past your radar: even in the early hours of the day, downtime can cause major data interruptions!

Your company deserves the best in server maintenance, which requires constant surveillance. Conduct your server monitoring remotely from a distant location, or right on site with a staff of technicians or IT consultants. Some server monitoring can even be automated to give you the most cost-effective methods of detecting trouble. Why take the chance of experiencing data loss or even a server crash when CMC can give you peace of mind with constant, uninterrupted monitoring abilities. We specialize in making sure your server maintenance and observation needs are met without fail, twenty-four hours a day.

Performance Monitoring

Do you need monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even bi-annual & annual server monitoring? We have the tools and personnel for you. Why struggle to monitor several servers at once when you can get a competent third party to set this up for you? No matter how often you want your servers checked for functionality and swept for errors, CMC can arrange for your server monitoring any time of the day, any time of the week. Don't limit yourself to scrounging together random server checks in your spare time: CMC makes sure your servers are functioning healthily and speedily year round.

Use our performance monitoring to give you the kind of exceptional server observation and performance control you've been looking for. CMC brings you the highest-quality monitoring equipment and even personnel for your data storage needs. Don't risk an outage or needless data loss--come to CMC to run sweeps on your equipment, check for problems, and even have your servers backed up anywhere you need data stored. CMC is proud to give you our high-grade performance monitoring, at an affordable rate, anywhere in the Dallas area or beyond. Use us today to keep any eye on your servers and rest easier about your data servers!