Telecommunications Dallas

When you’re considering a new telecommunications provider, you want to choose an organization with experience, plenty of product availability and great customer service. That’s why you should choose CMC: We provide the numerous telecommunications Dallas needs to keep your location constantly communicating, bringing you to the forefront of your industry! Use our VoIP, PBX trunks, business Internet access and SIP trunking to prepare your company for expansion and instantaneous communication.


Voice Over IP system setup is one of the most powerful tools a starting or experienced company can gain as part of its telecommunication. Providing clear, flawless communication at any distance, VoIP uses IPs to give you the most consistent voice circuits ever.

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PBX Phone Systems

To stay in control of your communications, you'll need PBX units to monitor the trunks, phone lines and circuits you're using. That's why CMC offers you the chance to get a PBX setup tailored to your exact location and configured by our expert technicians. Use CMC to gain access to all your lines, their functions and operations!

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Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is a vital tool for when you need to contact someone in your organization in a punctual, professional manner. When you require a fast and professional way of linking multiple people together for a seminar or meeting, we can provide you the Lync capability to do so.

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Business Internet Access

Internet access on a mass scale can be a problem to maintain without professional help. Fortunately, CMC is here to give you a hand with all your large-scale internet access needs. Connecting hundreds of devices has never been so easy: simply contact us and we'll begin setting up your location for full-scale business internet access.

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SIP Trunking

Establishing SIP trunk systems to handle large volumes of calls can save you bundles of money in the long run. Trust CMC to bring you the kind of monthly savings your business will need with consolidated, well-configured SIP phone line trunking. Streamlining your communications at your discretion, CMC is here to give you the telecommunications Dallas needs!

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