Cloud Computing Dallas

Introducing |m|CLOUD: CMC’s Managed Cloud Computing Service

CMC |m|CLOUD is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like a public utility. Our cloud services include |m|EMAIL which is our Microsoft hosted exchange product. |m|CLOUD also includes |m|SERVER for all of your virtual server hosting needs. Last, but not least, we offer |m|VOICE which is our hosted VoIP platform for business communications. Cloud computing Dallas businesses gain many benefits over traditional computing companies, but the most notable would be the low upfront investment.

|m|EMAIL Microsoft Hosted Exchange

If you need a new take on your company's email services, look no further than CMC's new email hosted through the cloud. Microsoft email services can work faster and take up less space than ever with cloud computing. With CMC's innovative division of infrastructure and hosting services, you can access massive email databases remotely or even run your entire company's email in the cloud! Why struggle to find space in your building for costly server banks when the cloud could have all the answers to your storage space needs? CMC knows how to use this adaptable technology to your advantage, giving you access to functions of Microsoft Email only available through cloud application.

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|m|SERVER Virtual Server Hosting

Our cloud hosted servers offer a functionality and practicality never before seen as we offload your server usage to a distant location or run servers entirely through the cloud. Whether you want to use a public cloud, community cloud or even hybrid cloud computing, we here at CMC understand your need to stay at the forefront of exotic networking with full cloud computer capability. Hook up your devices to our servers in the cloud and you'll see what we mean: a fully functioning, virtual server network capable of sustaining your Intranet and other functions with high quality speed and perfect connectivity!

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|m|VOICE Hosted VoIP PBX

Hosting your VoIP through the cloud is as easy as linking up infrastructure, cloud principles, and CMC's willingness to bring practical communications strategies to companies. With us you'll have plenty of opportunities to enhance your voice Manage your PBX network in the cloud, access your VoIP circuit and line statuses, and even request repairs or manage the setup of your network remotely. PBX interfaces are much easier to manage once you integrate them with our multi-part assembly of cloud based networks. The same goes for your Voice Over IP lines and circuits, which can be enhanced with cloud computing to allow for easier access, feature changes and an abundance of excellent improvement opportunities!

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