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Your security is your biggest asset, and here at CMC we aim to defend that asset at all costs. In addition to our many other telecommunications and electronic services, we provide fully functional alarm networks and alarm lines. Say goodbye to your security concerns: properly assembled, our security networks can notify local authorities at the trip of a laser or the touch of a button. With password-protected panels, backup lines and a setup designed from the ground up to secure your building and belongings, CMC alarm panels have what you need to keep your assets safe.

From Dallas to Houston, no other telecom expert has the experience and connections to provide you with alarm lines like ours. CMC has extensive background in the cabling industry and can run alarm lines that go through multiple backups at once, exploring security options that other providers might not even consider. With CMC, you have the opportunity to acquire Dallas alarm systems that will succeed where others will fail to protect your home or business.
Our panel designs incorporate long-standing security principles such as durability, user-friendly interfaces and aesthetic placement. Our panels won't interfere with your building's design scheme but will also be built to last, rugged, dependable and extremely difficult to compromise. Don't trust your safeguards to a company that doesn't know the telecommunications and security industries extensively: CMC gets you all the benefits of a security company and a telecom supplier in one helpful provider name. Using our alarm panels isn't just a smart choice, it's the right one. Choose our Dallas alarm systems to shore up your building's defenses and provide hidden deterrents against burglars, vandals and more. At CMC, we prize your safety.

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