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We at CMC are aware of the needs of your organization and we want to meet you halfway to facilitate your Dallas AV designing & planning. We’re looking to find solutions that fit your unique situations, apply audio-visual equipment that supplies you with all your “musts,” and fulfills and exceeds your expectations. We will share all aspects of planning with you from conceptual work to in-progress construction and installation, to explanations of the finished product.

Finding the right level of infrastructure for your existing location or even new construction is a major goal at CMC. We prize our ability to work with customers from the ground up, to establish the right balance of technology and infrastructure that works for your business or organization. We believe in intelligent and intuitive planning of all cable, audio-visual and communications infrastructures, and you can find levels of planning complexity and efficiency at CMC that you can't find anywhere else. Our primary objective is to make sure our Dallas AV designing & planning, blueprints, and technology match your needs, requirements and requests.
When you invest in your communications infrastructure you want to see its development from the ground up and be reassured that it will last. CMC will involve you in the planning process from square one, giving you estimates, data and conjecture all based on our peerless design and planning team's procedures. CMC provides you with a comprehensive game plan for all your AV projects, from security circuits to cable television interfaces to alarm panel lines and gate control conduits. When you sign CMC up as your AV planner and provider, you are taking the jargon and mystery out of telecommunications and AV.

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