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When school season starts, you’re going to want the most cutting-edge tools in the industry to be at your disposal. You will need an advanced, easy-to-use technology that lets you stay at the top of your game while impressing students of all ages. This innovative new technology is available in many forms from CMC and we are proud to bring it to you at affordable prices and in practical form.

Your school could benefit from the amazing technologies CMC brings to your district. We have an array of interactive, digitally enhanced whiteboards which communicate with software to create a seamless demonstration experience. Interactive whiteboards give you the ability to showcase complex projects without relying on primitive or outdated slides, projectors or slideshow programs. You can dazzle your student audience with the power of your ideas, or even transmit whiteboard images in progress to their smartphones or Android phones. Our Dallas interactive whiteboards are nothing less than top of the line.
If you want your school district to grow technologically, you need to invest in reliable technology that gives you everything you need for information science and telecommunications in a comprehensive package. Dallas interactive whiteboards are one of the best ways to bring your school's tech out of the Stone Age and propel you into a world of technological advancement. Stun a classroom with your concepts and even outline complex educational concepts on a multi-platform, fully electronic whiteboard! When you're looking to advance in the world of education, CMC can bring you any advancements needed for your improvement, up to and including electronic and virtual whiteboards. Take advantage of this unique and user-friendly technology to enhance your school environments and work spaces. Your students will thank you!

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