Screen & Projector Installation Dallas

Projectors for the Future

To keep you on the cutting edge of new technologies, CMC is now offering projector and screen supplies in addition to our standard infrastructure supplies. If you have a need for a strong technological showing in projectors, CMC will be happy to provide all the necessary supplies and even installation. We can provide different lines, brands, makes and designs of projector and screen for your Dallas or Texas location. Call or browse online today to see our large selection of projector technologies. We promise variety, affordable products and cost effectiveness.

We handle projector installation for many Dallas clients as well as providing maintenance, upkeep and even replacements. Our technicians are well-trained to handle delicate machinery and to be sensitive when installing projectors in businesses, offices or even lecture halls or board rooms. We know how vital it is for you to have the right technology in the right place, so CMC is glad to discuss installation options with you before our technicians go in, to make sure all your installs are done properly and to your specifications. Dallas projector & screen installation has never been so easy.
You can trust CMC equipment to endure for much longer than your average projector, and our screens are very adaptable models that can roll up or compress to become portable. This kind of versatility is very useful for a company with many different locations or a sales manager or pitch expert on the go. CMC understands that resistance to high usage is a must, and as such all our projectors are designed to withstand long sessions and operate at peak performance throughout. Trust us with your demonstration and meetings technologies for a more reliable, better business future.

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