Dallas Cable Certification

Where can you find reliable, intelligent cable certification these days? In tough economic times, many certification providers are cutting corners and skimping on their review of copper cable connections. CMC doesn’t believe in this kind of business policy, and we are happy to provide the best in cable testing, copper wire testing and Dallas cable certification. Our certified customers have the security of legally and technically evaluated communications systems. Whether you need to test Cat 5 cable, Cat 3, Cat 6 or even Class D wiring, we can do it for you faster and more reliably than any competitor.

Cable certification from CMC is done with the most reliable instruments in the industry. Perfectly calibrated to prevent errors in the readings, and flawlessly manufactured to match your expense, our equipment is nearly infallible and our technicians and specialists are highly trained. We believe in applying diligence and strict attention to all our tests, and we use finely tuned equipment like 10G Certification Kits and other instruments.
Our various tests confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt every required necessity for the national testing standards. CMC uses delay skew, insertion loss and propogation delay testing to give you the closest results you can imagine on all your certifications. With CMC conducting your certifications, you will have a fully rounded set of authorized wiring on record for anyone who's curious. In addition, we will be able to detect any wire problems directly before they can be caught by inspectors or cause trouble in your communications network. Use CMC to access and eliminate potential wiring trouble before it becomes a problem to your organization. Pre-planning and certified testing is key in telecommunication!

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