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Coordinating the use of data can make the difference between your company sinking and swimming. When disaster strikes and you need to recover data swiftly, colocation in advance is your best bet for staying in control of your endangered information. Safeguarding against disaster is one of the most important parts of data management, and the measure that will make your company a cut above the rest. Planning for the worst is not on everyone’s mind, but when the chips are down, you will need properly stored data to prevent efficiency loss. Use CMC to prepare for this!

CMC can coordinate business colocation for you, creating a healthy set of data backups in various locations. CMC provides many different methods for enabling colocation at all your different outlets, linking up your systems with a shared network for storing data. We can prepare and activate data centers at any of your locations for the purposes of storing your sensitive data and make sure there are backups at all your locations in case of any emergency. Your Dallas outlets deserve the best colocation Dallas can get, and CMC can provide that to you quickly and easily.
Coordinating proper colocation takes time, effort and a level of IT complexity that you as a business owner or manager should not have to struggle with. Our competent technicians and IT teams will be on hand at your request to set up proper colocation precautions. The colocation Dallas needs is just a phone call away: our well-trained information technology reps and departments will make sure you are properly colocated for maximum efficiency! Just provide us the details of your locations and we will begin planning colocation depending on your area and your needs.
Our Dallas area data center utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver reliability, performance, and security that you can count on. We understand the need for 24x7 availability in today’s business climate, so we keep a full staff of engineers, technical support, maintenance, and security personnel on hand around the clock to address any problem that might arise.

We might not be a Department of Defense command and control center, but we’re the next best thing. Here’s a look at how we ensure the integrity of the IT infrastructure our clients depend on.


Situated on a major intersection of our nation’s hi-tech fiber-optic network, our data center gives clients access to unparalleled performance, including:

  • A dense network of underground, fault-resistant fiber-optic lines with multiple points of connection to the wider Internet.
  • IP4 and IP6 redundant networks with 10Gbps connectivity (That’s like transmitting an entire high definition movie every second).
  • Accessibility to every Internet provider and telecommunications carrier in the Dallas area.


Nothing is more important to us at our data center than the security and privacy of your data. Here’s what we do to keep it safe:

  • Overlapping high definition video surveillance of the entire building interior and exterior with over 100 days’ worth of surveillance video storage.
  • A security certification process that includes SSAE 16, SOC-1, SOX, HIPAA, and SOX compliance.
  • Biometric fingerprint scanners for controlling facility access.
  • Next generation firewalls and 256-bit data encryption on all of our servers.


We take the possibility of power failures, network outages, and natural disasters seriously, so we’ve implemented a comprehensive business continuity plan for our data center:

  • A generator-powered uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system for backup electricity in the event of a power outage (tested weekly).
  • An automated climate control system with raised floors, isolated server cabinet and cage storage, and a state of the art circulation system to ensure optimum temperature and humidity levels.
  • Proactive anti-fire protection for preventing potential problems before they arise
  • A hardened, earthquake resistant facility in a certified flood free zone.

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