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CMC works closely with our clients to identify their unique challenges, as well as their IT performance goals, to tailor-fit our recommendations. For small to medium-sized businesses and smaller school districts, CMC can effectively become a virtual IT department, providing a combination of project-based solutions and on-going support. In the case of larger enterprises and districts, CMC can augment existing IT expertise, providing subject matter experts to help design and deploy sophisticated solutions. Large or small, CMC’s capabilities to support IT department functions can be scaled from handling specific tasks to handling all required IT tasks.

Before solutions can be designed, it is critically important to understand our client’s current environments limitations. Utilizing our assessment capabilities and experience, we help our clients to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of their existing systems, before they travel down a solution pathway. In this way, the most efficient and cost-effective solutions can be developed. These solutions not only alleviate short-term pain points but provide scalability for long-term investment protection.
Like any department within an organization, your IT department must perform, deliver a return on investment and be accountable to business goals. Specific IT goals and benchmarks should be established that support those of the operation. In many ways, the success of the other departments rely heavily on the success of the IT staff because information and applications must be accessible, reliable and secure. We can help develop a plan based on our assessment that defines the necessary goals and resources that will allow your IT department to support the operation now and as it grows.
Consistent with CMC’s commitment to maintain the highest standards in service, our work is not complete until we have properly trained our client’s staff to operate and maintain the deployed technology. We incorporate knowledge transfer from our engineers to your IT management and administrators as the project progresses, offering hands-on training opportunities every step of the way. Our engineers can handle even the most complicated implementations, they employ industry best practices and prepare the client for on-going effective operations.

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  • Back The Blue (7/15/2016) - With all of the shootings and hatred we have been facing recently, we wanted to show our support to all law enforcement. CMC Network Solutions proudly backs the blue! ‪#‎BackingTheBlue‬ ‪#‎WeveGotYourSix‬
  • CMC Partners (5/2/2016) - CMC Network Solutions is proud to announce that we have partnered with several new companies. We have now partnered with Ruckus, Aruba, HP, D-Link, VideoInsight, StorageCraft, and 3CX. CMC can take care of all your businesses IT needs!
  • Did you know? (6/7/2016) - CMC integrates professional services with industry-leading hardware and software to provide complete IT solutions. We focus on designing, deploying and managing information systems that meet our customer’s requirements. CMC is able to identify unique challenges and tailor-fit a solution to […]