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Does your organization’s intranet system give you headaches? Do you struggle with poorly made online portals, and bad IIS integration? The solution is here. CMC now provides fully packaged SharePoint software from Microsoft, allowing you to access this valuable tool from any device in your organization. Log into SharePoint to share ideas, prepare Intranet pages, and perform other important tasks. It’s a convenient program for managers as well as employees–with a user-friendly interface, SharePoint provides functionality to the newest user.

Sharepoint can be used from any connected device to log into your company Sharepoint portal. From there, you can make changes or even alter settings. Used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies, SharePoint provides instant access to devices, adjustments and messages on your linked Intranet system. While other systems tangle you in mazes of network options and menus, SharePoint is easy and straightforward, with a no-frills approach to networking, data management and communicating.
CMC provides the newest versions of SharePoint for your entire business. Don't settle for a clunky, hard-to-navigate Intranet or company network when you could streamline the whole process for an easier design. With optional Cloud services and even Premium editions available, CMC can turn your rusty intranet into an effortless company machine, ready to take you wherever you need to go. With web-based configuration, integrated development models and lists or libraries to fill all your needs, this program is the go-to for organized, competent business models. Microsoft SharePoint also has built-in security features, preventing theft of your data by anyone the information was not intended for. Use this tool to enhance your business or organization, creating new levels of company networking for all your employees to access. Ask CMC for Microsoft SharePoint today!

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