Storage Implementation

With huge amounts of data passing through your company every day, now is without a doubt the best time invest in data storage technology. Proper data storage is no longer optional: to compile and store all your key information you need the correct tools to do so! CMC can provide these tools at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Don’t be fooled by other software vendors: CMC is the only one who can give you full, comprehensive storage implementation. We understand your data storage needs and can give you a full set of implementation tools to properly compile and store all your most important information.

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Network Attached Storage Devices, Storage Area Networks and Direct Attached Storage are all great ways to implement correct data storage technique. CMC provides tools like these in many different forms. Our NAS units, consisting of multiple disk arrays, are great for backing up your device or network onto one convenient space. SAN systems can help back up and record data from your entire server network, and we offer regular data pulls on SAN systems to help them stay healthy and useful to you. Our DAS variants offer you the opportunity to pull and store data from multiple systems at once, giving you the chance to back up data on many different devices at once.
EqualLogic and Compellent have very different functions but both can be extremely useful to your group. Scalable network-attached storage allows you to implement data storage in new ways through Dell technology and Compellent's Liquid Storage identifier allows you a more diverse and varied storage opportunity. CMC can provide both of these to you at affordable costs and can handle all of your storage implementation needs!