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Do you need consistent, powerful WiFi signal at your business? Large or small, your business is important to us. We provide a steady, strong signal that you can rely on without fail every hour of every day. Use our routers and modems to create a consistent, reliable WiFi and wireless network you can use at anytime, anywhere in your location. Our wireless internet services Dallas are without peer and we can get you a better, stronger signal than anyone else in your area.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With this kind of policy making headway around the world, it’s important that employees be able to connect with each other at a meeting or with the company’s Intranet on site. Keep your employees in the loop with our Bring Your Own Device apps, software and connectivity aides. We provide you with a way to standardize your Bring Your Own Device policy so that every employee can share data, plans and even blueprints over their devices. Don’t be left in the digital dust!

Having multiple wireless access points in a building is key to maintaining a sustained, consistent wireless presence throughout your location. When planning wireless access at your business or outlets, you will need to arrange for wireless coverage universally throughout your place of work. This requires intelligent and convenient modem and router placement, strong signal equipment, and complete coverage of a building or area.
Point to point wireless coverage is a wide-spanning concept that basically creates a relayed wireless signal covering far further ground than the traditional wifi signal variety. One signal reaches one device, which reaches another device, and so on. This is a huge advantage for mobile telecom groups and even standard businesses but it can be tricky to set up! That's why CMC is here to bring you even more advantages than the average point to point setup IT consultant. We give you ideal placement on all your devices to create a massive point to point network for all of your needs.
In addition to Point to Point, we offer setup and configuration of Point to MultiPoint wireless networks. Using our base station networks and subscriber points you can establish the groundwork for a completely functional, low-maintenance multipoint wireless infrastructure. Use our wireless backhauls, BSUs and SUs to maintain an online connection throughout many locations, and let CMC do the installations on BSUs for 360 degree sector coverage. Our point to multipoint networks will let you maintain coverage across huge distances and in many outlets or sub-locations. With sector antennae beam pattern technology to keep signal strength high, CMC brings you the finest in your search for consistent widespread wireless coverage. Contact us to day to learn more about this technology!
Are you unsure if a site will be suitable for the installation of wireless technology? Do you worry about running fiber for your wireless modem or router? We offer comprehensive site surveys at an affordable rate. Our technicians will give you a complete survey and answer all your questions, including cost of installation and whether the site may be suitable for the kind of wireless Internet services you're looking for. We'll tell you whether your location merits an install or whether it's capable of supporting wireless: what your connection speed will be, what kind of wireless connections will be available and what kind of expense should be budgeted. All these survey questions and more are provided by CMC!

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