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Have you often needed to connect the various people in your office or at your meetings but never found the correct way to do so? Microsoft Lync is an innovative messaging platform perfect for businesses, conferences and brokering deals. It’s not just an instant messenger: by using Lync you can connect to other people in real time, streaming live video and webchat conferencing using your own devices and the Lync client alone. It’s a great way to kick start meetings by demonstrating your techno-prowess!

Using Lync is simple: Just install the client on any device you want to use for meetings. Make sure it is webcam equipped, and simply boot up Lync and begin connecting! You'll be amazed by the strength and consistency of your streaming video chat. And so will your client or chat partner as you use Lync's features to go over business plans, organizational blueprints or other files. Using Lync to send business information is faster than most traditional methods, and multiple people can view the same file or subject matter at the same time while sharing a chat room or web board.
We offer affordable versions of Microsoft Lync as well as other great Microsoft products at a fraction of the price of most software vendors. In addition, businesses get special access to products from CMC. Whether your business is based in the Dallas area or elsewhere we are the best at pinpointing what you need in communications and bringing it to you affordably! Using Lync in your meetings or remotely to aid in large group projects is a perfect way to show off your technological planning skills. In addition, the program can coordinate meetings from multiple locations. Schedule a demo today!

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