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We install and configure PBX appliances on location, any time during business hours. Let us place and connect your PBX system to help you maintain and understand your PBX functions. The PBX phone systems Dallas requires can be fully set up by CMC personnel and tailored to your needs as a user. Experts at programming PBX systems to handle dozens or even hundreds of phone lines, our technicians can reconfigure any PBX system. Just make your requests and watch as your PBX unit’s efficiency jumps and outages decrease! Whether it’s your base unit or equipment needing installation, CMC has you covered.

CMC specializes in PBX phone systems like Digium and others, creating a user-defined environment where you can run your entire PBX system from one point of access. Using products from The Asterisk Company and others, CMC works the system to suit your needs, and not the other way around. Using platforms like SwitchVox to handle your PBX usage and communications, you can achieve high quality sound and stay completely in control of your phone system all at once. HDVoice and other opportunities can all be accessed through the benefits of the SIP and PBX phone systems Dallas businesses request from us.
The physical elements of Voice Over IP trunks can be difficult to install for first-time users. That's why CMC offers complete installation, configuration and maintenance of SIP trunking. We'll make sure your Session Initiation Protocols are running smoothly during all stages of installation, maintenance and day-to-day functions. Our SIP trunks carry many advantages such as public domain and private domain options, and great cost alternatives to standard phone lines. Use our SIP trunking to gain an edge as a user and as a communicator!

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