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Running a PBX into your place of business can be a great asset to your company’s cost savings. PBX trunks are powerful tools for communication that give you the chance to run up to 24 phone lines through a single solid trunk, creating a bridge of communications that is far cheaper and more durable than a standard set of phone lines. Bringing your standard lines onto a SIP trunking can also save you money, since you can simply consolidate your existing lines or run new ones at a fraction of the cost. Naturally, you will need to plan out your upcoming installation with site surveys and any other services needed.

Installing a PBX trunk is often far simpler than a broadband or fiber connection: Simply contract a telecom provider like CMC to run the trunk up to your building, and set up for an inside wiring vendor to continue the work past the building's edge. As a SIP trunking provider CMC offers most of these services with our comprehensive telecommunications package. The PBX phone systems Dallas has needed are yours: fully functional multi-trunk or SIP trunking options and mass line installation for large facilities are all available from CMC. Ask us to install your trunks to get great rates on installation and wiring that will last years without needing repair.
Configuring your PBX trunk is not an easy job, but CMC is up to the task. Let us run, test and calibrate your trunk lines and PBX systems to your specifications. Your PBX unit should be set up exactly the way you want it so that you have complete control over your telecommunications. CMC can give this to you with a user-friendly PBX unit system and the PBX phone systems Dallas needs for easy phone line monitoring!

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