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Migrating from Analog to VoIP Phone Systems

Analog lines and data are a thing of the past. If you want to stay at the forefront of your chosen industry you’re going to need a much stronger, clearer connection to communicate with. Voice Over IP lines help you communicate instantaneously on a sturdier platform and with much more clarity than analogue lines. Use this new medium to communicate your ideas, plans, and business strategies as well as arrange infrastructure, keep your locations updated and stay in the loop with all developments in your organization.

Whereas analogue lines carry an excessive charge for more lines, with VoIP you can get lines bundled or even look into fiber options. Use VoIP from CMC to shave up to 50% off your average phone or data charges. This technology is the pathway to a better financial future for your organization: making the switch could be the best business decision you ever make. Contact CMC today to find out how the VoIP phone systems Dallas uses could be your financial lifesaver during this fiscal quarter.
VoIP is a customized type of line, rather than analogue lines which are slow and have few add-ons or available features. With VoIP you can reprogram lines to perform various functions, set up forwards or even create elaborate call queues or "hunting" cycles. You can customize your VoIP setup to your exact specifications, tailoring it to your site or location as you choose. Need a rollover group converted to a standard call pool? VoIP can do that for you. Need a line forwarded, but only at certain times? VoIP can do that too. Using the VoIP phone systems Dallas has been waiting for is a great way to increase your overall efficiency!

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