|m|SERVER Virtual Server Hosting

|m|SERVER is our hosted virtual server product that is hosted through the cloud, or a virtual network of interlinked devices and infrastructure that runs the server off a multitude of sources. This creates a highly changeable and adaptable server infrastructure capable of handling big changes very quickly, and also capable of managing large amounts in a smaller space and spread across more resources.

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Why struggle with complex server setup when you can arrange for remote hosting via cloud computing? Virtual server hosting takes all the difficulty out of maintaining your domain names and traffic. You can simply rent, buy or even lease a virtual server or server bank, and run your online presence from afar. Outsourcing data recovery through the cloud is also an option, and you can accrue multiple domain names at once with virtual servers. The benefits are numerous: talk to CMC today to find out what else hosted servers can provide you with!
Scaling your server hardware and software to match your needs has never been easier. CMC provides full reliability and scalability in the servers we offer. Tired of paying too much for excess servers or poorly implemented networks? Try CMC today for a fresher look at how you can change your company's data landscape. We offer scalability in all our virtual and hosted servers, and we are top for reliability in our area. You can trust and depend on the server technology brought to you by CMC. Don't hesitate to take advantage of our unique bled of technology and practicality!