|m|EMAIL Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Microsoft hosted Exchange remotely gives you the chance to take control of your email database in an entirely new way. Use your Microsoft Exchange and access your email in an entirely virtual world: take advantage of CMC’s opportunity to host your Exchange inboxes through our fully hosted virtual servers. We offer additional security, compliance options and collaborations to get you all the features you need in a reliable server host, with complete scalability. Spread your Exchange accessibility throughout your company and beyond to create full coverage and access to your data no matter when you want to access it.

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Hosting Exchange through CMC has mobile freedom, with widespread support and mobile freedom. Letting CMC host your Exchange service allows you to access the cloud from a massive, enterprise-level security-guarded network. Shoot past the competition with email connectivity wherever you go, accessing the cloud from your mobile device or tablet. Web-based control panels and mobile apps will help you navigate your new Exchange network with incredible ease. Why struggle with difficult access portals and unreliable servers when you can get CMC's virtual server access at nearly any wifi-accessible location? Use 4G as well to link up to the cloud, and find out how you can make CMC's convenient services work for your group.
Our hosted servers and Microsoft hosted Exchange functions rest on plenty of backups, so you don't ever need to worry about losing data. You can access your Exchange profiles and emails at any time of the day or night at a fraction of the rates of other virtual server host clients, and we even offer server monitoring to help protect your information! Use CMC to access the kind of reliable, scaleable Exchange coverage you need. We specialize in virtual servers that are well-maintained, well-connected and monitored to give you the ultimate in connectivity, twenty-four hours a day.